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Hi,I'm Sarah

Sarah Curry (she/her)


Registered Dietitian, Masters of Science in Nutrition, Trauma Informed, Award-Winning Food Blogger, Monash University Trained FODMAPS Dietitian, Sports Nutrition and Eating Disorder Expertise, 10+ Years of Experience

Cultural Identity:
South Indian

sarah small.jpeg

  • I'm an intuitive eating dietitian focused on disordered eating, eating disorders, and IBS.

  • I have been a dietitian for almost 15 years

  • I have a passion for helping people transform the way they eat, move, and view their bodies

  • I worked as the Diabetes Specialist for HealthCare Partners, the largest network of physicians in the greater Los Angeles area. I also worked as a Clinical Dietitian in the ICU at the Olive-View UCLA Medical Center

  • I have co-created and led continuing education for physicians re: Detection of Eating Disorders in the Primary Care Setting

  • I’d be honored to help you learn how to take care of yourself no matter what size of body you are in

  • I can help you with your health concerns while also working to reconnect you with the joy and satisfaction found in food and movement.

  • In addition to my professional experience, I feed three small kids day-in, day-out, and then all over again. Anyone who has run this treadmill (and with a picky child in the mix) knows this is an experience worth noting!

  • When not delving into the nuances of food and eating, I’m most likely found, paintbrush in hand, attacking yet another room with yet another color.





More About Sarah


  • Registered Dietitian 

  • Masters of Science, Nutrition Science


  • M.Sc. Nutrition Science: Indiana University

  • B.A. Human Biology: Cedarville University



  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Member


  • Disordered Eating & Intuitive Eating

  • Diabetes & Prediabetes

  • Sports Nutrition

  • Eating Disorders

  • IBS

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