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Jessica works in baby steps! She is so sweet and friendly, very supportive and non-judgmental, and really smart. She knows her stuff and has lots of great ideas, tips and tricks that you can use to incorporate into your daily life, meal and exercise plans.


I would highly recommend Jessica. She has such great energy, is always positive, and very thorough. She provided me with a fabulous 2-week, plant-based meal plan (that was easily adaptable to non-plant-based by replacing tofu with chicken, etc), lots of different articles and other reading material to supplement any questions I had. She always sent a follow-up summary after each session that included what we talked about, goals for the week, tips and other helpful information. I also appreciated that her sessions with me were based in reality – she’s not trying to sell you something, no unrealistic goals, weird cleanses, or other wacky diets! She’s very genuine and cares about her clients, helping them in a very real, authentic, healthy way. Thank you Jessica!!


-Jennifer P, San Francisco, CA

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