Ready for Change?

Are you constantly bouncing from one diet to the next and beating yourself up because it never "works out"?

Are you sick of counting calories and cutting out your favorite foods in the name of health and wellness?


Do you often eat for emotional rather than physical reasons (i.e stress, boredom, loneliness, anxiety) and want to get to the bottom of your bingeing and/or restricting?

Do you often find yourself at war with your weight and shape, but deep down want to work on accepting your body the way it is? 

Do you want to gain a balanced approach to food that leaves you eating more deliciousness and stressing out less?


You're in the right place. 


As Registered Dietitian Nutritionists, we help people of diverse backgrounds improve their health while healing their relationship with food. Our focus is on intuitive eating, disordered eating/eating disorders, chronic disease and inclusive wellness. 

Over the years, We've counseled thousands of patients from diverse backgrounds on how to transform the way they eat and make peace with food, using a culturally relevant and individualized approach to nutrition. We know from first-hand experience that with proper support, you can get to a better place and live a healthy life that you love. 

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In each one-on-one session, we'll listen to your nutrition concerns and help you explore your relationship with food (and your body) in depth. We'll work with you to develop achievable goals (that you're comfortable with), and provide scientifically-based guidance on what to eat to meet your needs. We will also provide supporting materials when needed - including recipes, videos, handouts and worksheets.

Click here to learn more about our evidenced-based Intuitive Eating approach.


If you are ready to reclaim a healthy approach to wellness, and work with an expert while doing it, contact us today to get started!


  • Intuitive Eating/Food Peace

  • Eating Disorders/Disordered Eating (including anorexia, binge eating disorder, bulimia and orthorexia)

  • Intuitive Eating for Chronic Disease (including diabetes and prediabetes)

  • IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

  • Body Acceptance/Health at Every Size (HAES) Informed Care

  • Inclusive & Culturally Relevant Wellness

  • Non-Restrictive Vegetarian and Vegan Nutrition

What to Expect 

Initial session


Time frame: 50 minutes

We will discuss your medical history along with current nutrition knowledge and eating habits.


We'll come up with your goals for nutrition therapy.


Together we'll develop an initial plan to help you meet your goals. You'll leave with the resources to start putting positive changes into practice right away. 

Follow up sessions


Time frame: 45 minutes


We'll discuss progress on your goals and assess what's working, troubleshoot what's not, and refine your goals and plan.


​We'll continue to provide guidance and education to help you on your journey to food and body peace and optimal health. 


 6-Month Packages

We offer 6-month nutrition counseling packages. Why the commitment? Because working on changing your behaviors and improving your relationship with food takes time. My patients who achieve the best results work with us long-term. 


Testimonials From Clients

Jessica is an AMAZING DIETITIAN who embraces your culture and customs and encourages you to continue to honor your culture through food, and gives amazing guidance to help you through your body image journey. I really enjoyed digging deeper and working on getting to the root cause of my feelings surrounding body image and food intake. I enjoyed reflecting back on my personal experiences, particularly with grief and how that plays a large role in how I view myself and learned self-compassion in the process.

Emmalis T.

I loved the focus on intuitive eating and the reminders to include variety and focus on what I ACTUALLY wanted to eat. It helped to ease my stress and the restrictions I had regarding food. Jessica is absolutely amazing and I highly recommend working with her! She is very down to earth and helped me re-establish a great relationship with food and my body.

Marney R.

I really liked how Jessica came to every session with an idea for what we can cover. I also enjoyed how comfortable I felt in each session even though they are all virtual - it felt like I have known Jessica my whole life so it made it easier for me to open up. I know you think you know a lot about being 'healthy' but just you wait until you start digging deeper into how external factors (that are sometimes wrong) feed into it. Work with Jessica if you would like a more balanced approach to a healthy lifestyle.

Arlene M.

Jessica is amazing! She listens to you and tailors the counseling based on what you need. She really helped me dive into my relationship with food and my body. I learned so much. I am very grateful for Jessica's expertise. Jessica a genuine and kind person, and very easy to talk to.

Nakia B.

Nakia B.

I was met with a great deal of respect and thoughtfully prepared nutritional advice. I never felt coddled, but overtime felt safe to share my concerns and received really practical sound, and sustainable nutritional advice rooted in intuitive eating practices.  My favorite part about nutrition counseling was getting to meet with Jessica during our meetings and download all my nutritional hangups and misconceptions. She is so empathetic and understanding! Also, I love the homework, gave me really incremental things to adjust in my habits which added up over time.  No matter your size, every woman who is tired of diet culture and shame should feel completely at ease working with Jessica! I'm so glad to have invested in myself through her practice, so worth it!

Dominique B.

Jess is an amazing dietitian. She meets right where you are and encourages you through nutrition education and support. She is a light and she feels like a supportive best friend who happens to be an expert in nutrition. I am forever changed by the 6 months I spent in her practice.

Joy L.

My biggest fear is that my nutritionist would judge me harshly for some of my decisions. That did not happen AT ALL with Jessica. In fact, her positive disposition and manner coupled with her deep insight in nutrition and healthy strategies gave me so much confidence in my decision making abilities, as well as filled with so much useful knowledge. Jessica will make you feel like anything is possible as long as you put in the work and are willing to be committed. She will make you feel at home, while also challenging you to be your best. Go to her. Now.

Florence N.

Jessica was incredibly thorough and met all of my needs and beyond during our 1-hr session. I walked away feeling a lot more knowledgeable and confident about tackling these issues. My favorite part of nutrition counseling was understanding more in depth some of the things I had previously had basic knowledge of. Jessica was incredibly generous with her time, and made me feel empowered to take on my nutritional issues. She's incredibly knowledgeable about nutrition, and you are in incredible hands with her. I'm so glad I was able to meet with her, it's so worth your time and money.

Jenn L.

You should contact Jessica Jones, she's awesome, and she's down to earth and makes you feel really comfortable.


I would highly recommend Jessica. She has such great energy, is always positive, and very thorough. She always sent a follow-up summary after each session that included what we talked about, goals for the week, tips and other helpful information. I also appreciated that her sessions with me were based in reality – she’s not trying to sell you something, no unrealistic goals, weird cleanses, or other wacky diets! She’s very genuine and cares about her clients, helping them in a very real, authentic, healthy way. Thank you Jessica!!

Jennifer P.

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Insurance Information

We do not accept insurance at this time. Upon request, we can provide paperwork that you can submit to your insurance company for out-of-network benefits (this is only for those who are based in California or New York).


Currently, all counseling sessions are conducted ONLINE using a secure video conferencing platform. There are no in-person counseling sessions at this time.