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Meet the Team

With 35 years of combined experience, we help people of diverse backgrounds improve their health while healing their

relationship with food.


Jessica Jones*, MS, RD, CDE

Founder, Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator, Masters of Science in Nutrition, Podcast Host, Cookbook Author, Eating Disorder and GI Expertise, 10+ Years of Experience

*Not accepting new clients

sarah small.jpeg

Sarah Curry, MS, RD

Registered Dietitian, Masters of Science in Nutrition, Award-Winning Food Blogger, Monash University Trained FODMAP Dietitian, Sports Nutrition and Eating Disorder Expertise, 10+ Years of Experience


Alice Figueroa, MPH, RD

Registered Dietitian, Masters of Public Health, Award-Winning Chef, Cookbook Author, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, GI, Sports Nutrition and Eating Disorder Expertise,

 10+ Years of Experience

Let's work together!

Does this sound like you?

  • You want an inclusive approach to health and wellness that honors your culture and preferences

  • You don't need a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all "nutrition prescription"

  • You are looking for a collaborative process in healing your relationship with food, not an "expert" telling you what you "need to be doing"

  • You may have been told by your doctor that your BMI is "too high" and that you "must" lose weight to "be healthy", but something about that approach doesn't sit right with you

  • You want to focus on cultivating healthy habits that will actually last because you're exhausted from trying various diets that are designed to fail

  • You have met with health professionals in the past, but don't like that they always seem to make assumptions about you without asking questions

  • You want to explore healthy eating that goes beyond green juice and cottage cheese

  • You want to learn a balanced and flexible approach to eating that doesn't stress you out 

  • You are ready to make changes and live a better life starting now

A little bit about us...

  • We're passionate about the intersections of health, inclusive wellness, culture, disordered eating, and chronic disease

  • As BIPOC providers, we take an anti-racist and social justice approach to wellness

  • We have advanced training in motivational interviewing, which helps to evoke meaningful and lasting behavior change 

  • We love working with folks from diverse communities, who want a safe space for exploring their relationship with food

  • Many of our clients were wary of seeing a dietitian at first but said they felt welcomed and at peace from the moment we met

  • We don't focus on weight or weight loss (because you are worthy in your current body and you have the right to pursue health at any size). What we DO focus on is learning how to take care of yourself in a complex and comprehensive way

  • We take a neutral, flexible, "all foods fit" approach to food. You will never have to worry about being judged for your choices or habits

  • All are welcome

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